Make some mean TB-303 for free with Jeskola Buzz

Jeskola Buzz isn’t the most popular audio software out there but it’s mean powerful and has one devout group of developers and users who keep adding powers to it. It’s a music tracker built with a modular interface that lets you build compositions in a visual and very powerful way.

One of the great beauties of Buzz is that it’s free. But not only is it free, all the modules/plugins for it are free as well. And there is a bewildering array of them, accessible from the database.

Among the many free gems available for Buzz is a couple of synthesizers that very well emulate the sound of the infamous Roland TB-303; the HD Real 303 and Oomek Aggressor 303. Here’s a video demonstration of the HD Real 303 being used to compose some wicked, squealing 303 sounds.

Oomek Agressor 303 is easily as awesome as HD Real 303, it’s just subtly different. Fortunately, Buzz doesn’t leave one torn as to which to choose, they’re both free and available for use in any Buzz composition.

Make some mean TB-303 for free with Jeskola Buzz

5 thoughts on “Make some mean TB-303 for free with Jeskola Buzz

  1. Wesley Hayden says:

    Nice demonstration, I’ve been using Buzz for years now, still the best audio freeware I’ve used.
    Oomek – and all the parameters assigned to my controller is the nearest thing I’ve come to a TB-303, produces some nice acid 🙂
    BTW how did you get such a nice skin in the in that vid?

    1. Thanks! And thanks for commenting. I’ve used Buzz for years myself as well. Learned basic tracking through ModPlug tracker then had my mind blown when I learned about Buzz. And yeah, Buzz has several good TB-303 emulators really. I even like Jeskola Bass for its odd slide.

      Oh and that skin, yeah that was in a previous version and sadly, I don’t know why it’s been removed!

      I’ll have a look through some hard drive archives and see if I can find it but I’m sure Buzz’s author has a copy. 🙂

      1. Wesley Hayden says:

        Hi DavidM, thanks for answering my question, are you on Soundcloud? I would be very interested to hear what you have made using BuzzMachines, will see if I can get hold of the skins & theme your using in that vid.
        All the best.
        Hope you do more vids in the future using Buzz! (hint hint) 🙂

      2. Hi Wesley, yep I have some stuff listed on Soundcloud, the following which were produced pretty much entirely in Buzz (just the vocals on the first track were recorded first if FL Studio):

        Care to post any Soundcloud links to your music? I’d love to have a listen. 🙂

        And yeah, I’ve been planning more videos on Buzz. Sadly, I can’t yet find a hard-copy of that theme I used previously. The latest version of the program doesn’t include it. I don’t really like the standard themes, so once I get that back up, I’m sure I’ll have to vids on the way.


  2. wesley hayden says:

    Thanks DavidM, I like the 303 workout from the two (they are both good tracks in their own right though).
    I jam alot on Buzz and often record it but unfortunately know where close to having anything that resembles a complete track (on the bar programming etc), I sent a demo to a techno producer once of a section I chopped out of a jamming session and got good feedback (mainly a loop with fx) thats as far as it goes atm.
    Currently learning music theory which will include arrangement and programming so hopefully I could send you something that should resemble a track in the near future lol, soundcloud seems like the right way to go with the demo scene as I could link straight to it.
    Will add you on there when I do and check back here also.
    Hoping to make some 4/4 house and techno with melody and fx.
    Thanks again for your time mate , much appreciated!

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