How to install all Google Fonts

UPDATE: This isn’t really applicable anymore as Google’s setup their own GitHub repo at

Google Fonts are practically indispensable these days for web development but they’re even vastly helpful for typical computer use, since the fonts are all free and served by Google’s powerhouse servers. But it’s a pain to download all the fonts one-by-one or even en masse from Google’s web interface,.

While Google provides a way to download all the files from their repository, it’s a bit of a complicated process. Fortunately, user w0ng over on GitHub has made it uncomplicated. He’s devised a script to pull all the font files from Google and he’s posted them all to GitHub as a quick and substantially smaller download of only roughly 100+ MB.

To make use of this wonderful resource to install all Google Fonts in one fell swoop, you can simply do the following:

  1. Visit
  2. Download the ZIP file (alternatively, you can use the Clone in Desktop option or “git clone” command-line option if you have Git installed).
  3. Locate the download (or git cloned) folder and unzip the downloaded file (Not needed if git clone option was used).
  4. Navigate to the /fonts/ folder within that extracted folder and select all font files (Ctrl-A will select all files).
  5. Right-click on any of the files and select “Install”.

For Windows XP users

For Windows XP installations, navigate to “c:\Windows\Fonts” on your hard drive and drag and drop the fonts from the extracted /fonts/ folder to that “c:\Windows\Fonts” folder.

That’s it. You’ll be able to use any Google web font within any program on your computer.


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