One nerdy batch of games

This is the indie game company behind the whole block-crafting craze:

And Zachary Barth is the guy behind it all, the obviously brilliant engineer who crafted the Infiniminer game that heavily influenced Minecraft and others like it. He didn’t stop there though, he’s continued to produce some of the most creatively geeky games ever. You’ll see more detail at the company home page above.

Meanwhile, here’s the current batch available from Steam:

While I haven’t tried out the games as yet, I’ve got a keen eye on TIS-100. I’m sufficiently familiar with assembly language (I read a book on it prior to reading up on C language, years ago) to want to take a closer look into this one.

Let’s all us nerds support this developer so we can see more nerdy goodness. 🙂

One nerdy batch of games

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