Downloading and using shell scripts

Having posted a bunch of installation and other shell scripts over at my Gist repo, I wanted to be sure I explained how to use them. So here’s a video covering that.

The details

Very simply, to use shell scripts like the one in the video, you just download the script, adjust the permissions so it can be executed, then execute it (run it).

Making this a step easier than in the video, you can right-click the ‘view raw‘ link at the bottom of this gist snippet, then select ‘Copy link address‘:

That will copy a link to the file’s raw content, to your system’s clipboard.

To the terminal

You can then open a terminal on your system (Ctrl Alt T on Ubuntu, Meta T on Elementary OS, see here for Mac OSX).

Once in your terminal, type wget, then paste the link in so it looks something like so:


If you don’t already have wget installed on your system, no worries. Just enter this:

sudo apt-get install wget

Or on Mac OSX, just use Curl instead:


Pressing enter will begin the process of downloading the file. It should just take a second to complete and you’ll then have a file on your system.

Make it executable

Now, you’ll just need to chmod the downloaded file like so:

chmod +x

That will give it the permissions necessary to execute it.

Execute it

Once done, you should then be able to execute the file like so:


Hope that helps, cheers! 🙂

Downloading and using shell scripts

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