Free, disposable email with Mailinator

Really quickly, Mailinator is a free, disposable email service:

So, I thought I was one of few people using this Mailinator service, been using it for a few years now. But it turns out it’s gotten quite popular, just read another reference to it on hackernews.

Basically, it’s a free email service that’s built to be disposable. Anyone can access an email account there, no need to log in, just enter an email address ( and you’ll have an instant email box for that address.

What’s the point?

Well, for services requiring an email address, you can check them out using a address. No need to give out your real email to try something out.

Cool eh?

I thought so, I just didn’t realize lots of other people thought so to. 🙂

UPDATE: Just posting this here since Mailinator’s developer made a #1 posting at Hackernews with this:


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