Best font for VS Code

There is no best font. There’s only what works best for you. For a great many developers, Operator Mono is the best font. It’s a commercial font, well worth the money.

For those who lack the funds,  Fira Code iScript is the best alternative (as of 2018). It supports the same programming ligatures and embeds Script12 for italicized text.


Get it here:

To download and install it:

  • Click “Clone or download” and select “Download ZIP”.
  • Unzip the file locally.
  • Select the .ttf files in the unzipped folder, right-click and select “Install”.

In VS Code press ctr + , to open User Settings then:

  • Type font to quickly locate font settings.
  • Add 'Fira Code iScript', at the start of the Font Family setting.
  • Tick to enable Font Ligatures.

Or in previous versions using text-based settings, add the following options and save changes.

   "editor.fontFamily": "Fira Code iScript",
   "editor.fontLigatures": true,

That’s it. Hope it works well for you.

Best font for VS Code

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