QBasic through Dosemu in Cool Retro Term

So you’ve dreamed of programming again in QuickBasic, on an old, dying computer? I had the same dream. Cool Retro Term fulfills our dreams.

The details

First, let’s get the venerable QBasic from here: http://www.qbasic.net/en/qbasic-downloads/compiler/qbasic-compiler.htm

Simply click to download QBasic 4.5 EN.

QBasic download

Unzip the downloaded file to your /home/ folder (/home/your-username/), so that you see the new /qb45/ folder there (/home/your-username/qb45/).

Unzip QBasic in /home/ folder

Next, ensure Cool Retro Term is installed, details here: https://ugotsta.wordpress.com/2015/07/14/a-quick-video-intro-for-cool-retro-term/

Once that’s installed, run it, then resize terminal so that it’s 25 x 80 (25 row height by 80 column width).Resize to 25 x 80

Install Dosemu by entering the following in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install dosemu

Once that’s installed, run it like so:

dosemu -t

The ‘-t’ parameter lets Dosemu know to send its output to the current terminal. You should see a DOS command prompt in the terminal, like so:

Run Dosemu

Dosemu will mount your /home/ folder as a drive, so we can easily access the files there. To get to the file we downloaded, at the ‘C:\>‘ prompt, enter ‘d:‘.


You’ll notice the command prompt change to ‘D:\>‘. Go to the QBasic folder by entering ‘cd qb45‘.

D:\>cd qb45

Type ‘qb‘ to run QBasic.


That’s it!

You’ve now got QuickBasic running through the original interface it was designed for.

QBasic in Cool Retro Term

You can easily exit QuickBasic by typing Alt F to open the file menu, then selecting Exit.

And to exist Dosemu, just type ‘exitemu‘.


Hope you have some BASIC fun. 🙂

QBasic through Dosemu in Cool Retro Term

Make some mean TB-303 for free with Jeskola Buzz

Jeskola Buzz isn’t the most popular audio software out there but it’s mean powerful and has one devout group of developers and users who keep adding powers to it. It’s a music tracker built with a modular interface that lets you build compositions in a visual and very powerful way.

One of the great beauties of Buzz is that it’s free. But not only is it free, all the modules/plugins for it are free as well. And there is a bewildering array of them, accessible from the Buzzmachines.com database.

Among the many free gems available for Buzz is a couple of synthesizers that very well emulate the sound of the infamous Roland TB-303; the HD Real 303 and Oomek Aggressor 303. Here’s a video demonstration of the HD Real 303 being used to compose some wicked, squealing 303 sounds.

Oomek Agressor 303 is easily as awesome as HD Real 303, it’s just subtly different. Fortunately, Buzz doesn’t leave one torn as to which to choose, they’re both free and available for use in any Buzz composition.

Make some mean TB-303 for free with Jeskola Buzz