Deactivate WordPress plugins and themes from phpMyAdmin

Sometimes plugin or theme conflicts can disable a WordPress site. Often, renaming the plugin folder can get your site back up, but if you don’t have access to the file system, it’s kinda tough to rename that folder! If you have access to the database though, you can try using phpMyAdmin to disable the plugins and/or theme.

Here’s a walk-through for that.

The Details

You’ll need to ensure you’re logged in to phpMyAdmin. If you’re not sure how to access that, you can ask your web host. They’ll usually provide a help page for it.

Once logged in to phpMyAdmin, you can switch the current theme as follows.

Select your main WordPress table.

phpMyAdmin - Select WP table

Select the wp_options table (the name might be different depending on how you or your web host has configured it but wp_options is the most common and default name).

phpMyAdmin - Select wp_options table

Click the Search tab.

phpMyAdmin - Search tab

Replace ‘template’ option

In the options name field, type ‘template‘ and press Enter (or press the Go button).

phpMyAdmin - Search for 'template'

You’ll then see a list of results, there should be just one item there with the option_name ‘template’. Locate the ‘option_value‘ column and double-click that value.

phpMyAdmin - Search results - Edit option_value

Replace that value with ‘twentyfifteen‘ and press Enter.phpMyAdmin - Search and replace template value

That will set the theme to Twenty Fifteen, which is the best current starting point for trouble shooting.

REPLACE ‘stylesheet’ OPTION

Now, do that once more for the stylesheet. Click the Search tab and in the option_name field, type ‘stylesheet‘ and press Enter.

In the search results, change the option_value to ‘twentyfifteen‘.

REPLACE ‘active_plugins’ OPTION

We’ll do that just one more time, for the active plugins. Click the Search tab again and in the option_name field, type ‘active_plugins‘ and press Enter.

The option_value for that one should look rather cryptic. Simply select and delete it all and press Enter.

phpMyAdmin - Search and replace 'active_plugins'

That will deactivate all the plugins on your site.



That’s it!

With that done, assuming the trouble on your site was due to a plugin or theme conflict of some sort, you should be able to access your site once more.

To help with the troubleshooting, here’s a very helpful flowchart:

Which reminds me, if it’s still presenting trouble, or if you’d just rather not bother with it yourself, I’d recommend checking with these guys:

WPMU DEV provides extensive, professional support services for the WordPress platform, backed by many years of experience (they’re the same people behind

Cheers! 🙂

Deactivate WordPress plugins and themes from phpMyAdmin

How to install Cool Retro Term in Elementary OS

Cool Retro Term is a stylish terminal app for Linux with a retro feel much like the terminal screen in the video game Fallout 3, which likewise is reminiscent of classic computer and video game displays. Installation is easily done through the Elementary OS terminal.

Here are the commands needed:

Simply copy and paste those commands into the terminal; Meta-T (Command-T on Mac) to open terminal, CTRL-C to copy, CTRL-V to paste.

Details about the program as well as the source code can be found on GitHub here:


How to install Cool Retro Term in Elementary OS

Future Pinball table videos for HyperSpin

Real quick, if you’re looking for Future Pinball videos for use with HyperSpin, check out this Playlist I’ve created at Youtube. It’s a growing list of pretty much all the completed tables out there.

And That Said

I’ve recently been spamming (figuratively speaking) my Youtube account with scores of videos of Future Pinball table gameplay. For those curious, here are the reasons why.

  • I’m helping my brother to sell the DELL XPS 600 computer on which the tables are being played and these videos will help showcase its capabilities.
  • On that computer, I needed videos for the HyperSpin software being used to easily access the individual pinball tables.
  • While others have made videos for Future Pinball tables, I wanted videos using the scrolling viewpoint during gameplay because it is my opinion that this view best showcases the tables, showing the graphics, 3D models and ball physics up close.
  • I wanted to demonstrate the AutoHotkey script I created for use while recording the videos.

That said, I’ve also posted all these videos to Youtube so that others could easily download the .flv video files using a Youtube downloader (like youtube-dl) for their own use with HyperSpin.

Others have made such videos available through the HyperSpin forums, but I wanted to provide another means, one that would allow downloads of individual tables. Posting them to Youtube allows for that.

Future Pinball table videos for HyperSpin