How to defeat Beep Beep Bop!

Professing itself as ‘improved’, the evil perpetrator hijacked the seamless and unbroken experience users had come to love. It proceeded to taunt them … “Beep Beep Bop!”

Okay, nuff with the melodrama. Let’s hijack back our improved posting experience. To get back to the traditional post editor, just go to your blog’s /wp-admin/ section like so:


You can then make your way to the posting options using the dashboard menu or you can get to the post sections quickly as follows:

  • All Posts:
  • Add New Post:

A little clarification

In case the above is confusing, I’m referring to the ‘improved posting experience’ here on

Edit Post ‹ D0TH N0T C0MPUT3 —
The ‘improved posting experience’.

Here’s how it used to look.

More improved posting experience
The experience from days of yore.

For those accustomed with the traditional editor, there’s really nothing to gain from the new editor, but there’s a new interface to come to grips with. There’s also a huge loss in that it’s not easy to navigate to other admin sections.

Requests for the traditional editor

It’s possible to access the traditional editor, using the details above. But it seems it won’t be the default anymore, at least from what I understand of this support topic:

It’s also been discussed at length here:

So for those preferring the traditional post editor, the method outlined above is the way to go. For now, it seems Beep Beep Bop is invincible. But we can sneak our way past his evil grasp.

How to defeat Beep Beep Bop!

Highlight your code here on

I’ve seen people posting code here on, yet without the code being highlighted. It’s incredibly helpful to have the code higlighted though, it distinguishes it from other content.

Fortunately, has made it very easy to highlight code, just surround the code with - code shortcode shortcodes. Here’s a quick walkthrough:

A quick example

As an example, if you have some Visual Basic code to post, you could add it like so: - code highlighting

And WordPress will render it like this:

Function getColor(ByVal number As Integer) As String
   Dim result As String
   If (number = 1) Then
       result = "red";
       result = "green";
   End If
   return result
End Function

The shortcode supports all the popular programming languages too. Here are the official details about it:

I hope more people will use it, makes it much easier for readers to see what’s going on, plus it looks real pertty! 🙂

Highlight your code here on

The difference between and

I post a lot of WordPress code and related stuff so I figured I should take a moment to mention, the code would be strictly for the self-hosted platform. Different from that, is a blog-hosting service utilizing the platform by the same name, which they created and open-sourced.

For a much more detailed breakdown of the differences see:

I hope that’s not too confusing. When working at WPMU DEV, we got some requests for refunds because people purchased plugins that they couldn’t use here on blogs. So I’m thinking it might be helpful to have more references like this short post.


The difference between and